March 2022 Second Informer Platform Update

Informer Platform Update

Last Updated on 7 June 2023 by Alastair Digby

Welcome to our second March External Attack Surface Management & Penetration Testing platform update.

Not content with one update in March the product team has been busy working on another raft of new features and upgrades. In this release, we are delighted to include in Beta our new Global Activity Page to surface a range of activities for domains and subdomains. Alongside GCP and Azure, our new AWS Integration enables you to scan your public-facing assets. To help add assets manually even easier CSV Importing is now available. Lastly, we’ve made some updates to our Jira Integration to save time re-entering data.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the new features.

New Feature: Global Activity Page (Beta)

This feature is currently in Beta testing as we assess what information should be displayed alongside resolving any bugs we find.

We have aggregated the activities on each domain and subdomain into a new page called the Global Activity Page, or GAP. The activities we display here include:


  • Discovered subdomain
  • Scan status or frequency change
  • Criticality change
  • Owner changed
  • Port opened or closed


  • Discovered vulnerability
  • Muted vulnerabilities status changed
  • Resolution status changed

New Feature: AWS Integrations

As part of our focus to include the most commonly requested integrations into the platform, you now have the option to add an AWS integration.

To add your AWS integration simply navigate to the Account menu where you’ll find the option to set up your AWS integration. Click install and follow the steps to enter your credentials and select which assets you would like to include for scanning.

New Feature: CSV Importing

We have created a new way of entering a list of domains and/or assets into the platform so if you don’t want to type them all out in our platform and already have them in a CSV file you don’t have to. Now all you need to do is ensure it matches our template and import the CSV. file into the platform.

We can provide you with the CSV template file, please contact for assistance.

Jira Integration Update

Expired Jira integrations can be reauthorized allowing users to refresh previously installed configurations instead of re-entering the data. This change has been implemented to improve user experience and save time entering data already previously added to the integration.