Continuous external asset discovery tools track and monitor your digital perimeter for complete attack surface visibility

Informer's automated external asset discovery tools help IT and security teams identify and map the assets that make up your internet-facing ecosystem. Continuous attack surface discovery provides a complete and accurate view of your asset inventory so you can start reducing your attack surface in minutes.

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Discover exposed assets in your external attack surface

Informer’s external asset discovery solution combine a vast range of open-source intelligence techniques (OSINT) and data sources to identify known and unknown assets you didn’t know you had. The internet is automatically scanned and monitored continuously to discover new assets and changes to your IT environment. Newly discovered assets are automatically associated with your organization and subsidiaries for unparalleled complete and up to date asset visibility. Performing ongoing reconnaissance across your entire IT ecosystem helps you view your assets the way attackers do.

Informer Platform External Asset Discovery Map

Mapping your internet-facing attack surface

Informer mimics an attackers’ approach to mapping your attack surface at lightning speed using powerful and scalable cloud technology. From a seed domain, we detect and classify active and inactive applications, infrastructure and cloud environments complete with detailed asset information. We go beyond traditional network scans by constantly and systematically surveying your organization’s attack surface no matter how big your domain.

Informer Platform External Asset Discovery

Automated attack surface discovery and inventory

Eliminate the headache and wasted resources spent manually tracking and updating spreadsheets. Informer continuously updates your asset inventory in real-time to offer an unmatched level of insight into your evolving attack surface. A comprehensive and detailed asset inventory is the foundation for making informed vulnerability management decisions. By automating asset discovery you have accurate and up-to-date information to help improve your security posture, meet compliance requirements and save time and resources. 

Informer attack surface discovery and inventory
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External assets are identified with only your seed domain

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Open TCP & UDP ports discovered



Add your own assets including entire domains and IP ranges

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Cloud integration with Azure, GCP, and AWS

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Operating service & technology detection



Discovers all FQDNs/subdomains