Continuous external asset discovery tracks and monitors your digital perimeter

The first step to reduce your attack surface is knowing what it is made up of. Informer's fully automated external asset discovery engine provides a complete and accurate inventory of all your external assets — all of the time.

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See external assets you didn't know you had

Informer’s external asset discovery engine uses a vast range of open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques and a wide range of data sources to locate known and unknown assets you didn’t know you had. The internet is monitored for new assets and changes to assets to keep you fully up-to-date on your external attack surface.

Informer Platform External Asset Discovery Map

Map your external assets in minutes

Informer mimics an attackers’ approach to finding external assets at lightning speed using powerful and scalable cloud technology. We’ve built Informer to find assets that belong to a seed domain in minutes no matter how big the domain is.

Informer Platform External Asset Discovery

Cloud, infrastructure and web application assets in one place

Complete asset inventory visibility by connecting your cloud environments, infrastructure, and web applications. Continuous monitoring will alert you of changes to your environment for newly added or retired assets to gain an accurate view of your internet-exposed assets.


Informer Platform Integrations, Reports and Assets


External assets are identified with only your seed domain


Open TCP & UDP ports discovered


Add your own assets including entire domains and IP ranges


Cloud integration with Azure, GCP, and AWS


Operating service & technology detection


Discovers all FQDNs/subdomains