Cloud Asset Monitoring

Cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform provide many important business benefits, but they are also an increasing source of cyber threats and data breaches. Cloud asset monitoring enables your security team to detect and mitigate emerging cloud-based threats across your IT environment.

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Gain visibility of your cloud attack surface

Low-cost data storage, spinning up computing infrastructure in seconds for app development, and users accessing valuable SaaS applications – the many use cases for cloud services influence its widespread adoption. However, what is often overlooked is how increasing the number of assets shared and stored in the cloud can broaden an organization’s attack surface. To ensure the security of cloud infrastructure and applications, IT and security teams need complete visibility.

Manually tracking cloud assets is a hugely time-consuming and inefficient task. With so many moving parts in modern cloud ecosystems, it’s easy to miss something crucial, such as an open storage bucket containing sensitive data. This is where Informer’s automated cloud asset monitoring comes in, providing an accurate asset inventory that’s updated and mapped in real-time.

Utilizing cloud asset monitoring offers a comprehensive solution to security threats posed by the ever-increasing number of cloud assets. With its advanced capabilities, IT and security teams can easily track and monitor assets, ensuring complete visibility of their cloud infrastructure. 

With automated cloud asset monitoring, IT and security teams can focus on other critical areas of their security program, knowing that their cloud assets are being monitored 24/7.

Cloud asset monitoring

Eliminate risks from cloud exposures

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence when it comes to addressing high-risk security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the cloud. Threat actors regularly exploit these exposures, from forgotten test and development environments to user errors that make databases publicly accessible. To ensure the security of your cloud architecture, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive security monitoring and risk rating system in place.

Informer’s automated cloud security monitoring tools helps secure your cloud architecture by identifying high-risk exposures and providing you with the necessary information to mitigate them. Be alerted to vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may be missed by manual monitoring, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure remains secure at all times.

Automated security testing continuously scans your cloud environments for high-risk exposures, ensuring that potential threats are detected and addressed promptly. Each vulnerability detected includes a severity rating using CVSS, a complete description of the issue, evidence and remediation guidance.

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Continuous cloud asset monitoring

Cloud security monitoring is a critical component of cloud security that must be continuous to ensure the protection of your cloud infrastructure. It provides an automated and efficient way to identify and map public-facing assets, along with identifying potential security vulnerabilities in cloud services.

When you consider how rapidly a developer can spin up a virtual server in the cloud, it’s clear that any map of your cloud assets can become quickly outdated. A continuous approach to cloud monitoring provides a timely perspective of your cloud attack surface while helping to identify a wider range of potential security vulnerabilities.

To help mitigate the common cloud security risks, organizations must take appropriate measures alongside monitoring, such as implementing strong access controls, encrypting data, conducting regular security assessments, and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

At Informer, you can also opt for manual cloud pen testing and cloud configuration security reviews. All of the results from cloud asset monitoring and manual cloud pen testing are accessible in our platform combining automated and manual security testing in one place.


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