Cloud Asset Monitoring

Cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform provide many important business benefits, but they are also an increasing source of cyber threats and data breaches. Continuous cloud asset monitoring enables your security team to detect and mitigate emerging cloud-based threats across your IT environment.

Real-time cloud asset inventory and monitoring

Low-cost data storage, spinning up computing infrastructure in seconds for app development, and users accessing valuable SaaS applications—the many use cases for cloud services influence its widespread adoption. But what’s often forgotten is how increasing the number of assets shared and stored in the cloud broadens an organization’s attack surface. Your IT and security teams need complete visibility of their cloud infrastructure and applications to detect and mitigate potential security threats.

Manually tracking cloud assets is hugely time-consuming and inefficient. And, with so many moving parts in modern cloud ecosystems, it’s easy to miss something, such as an open storage bucket with a treasure trove of sensitive data. Informer’s automated cloud asset monitoring provides an accurate asset inventory that’s updated and mapped in real-time.

Cloud asset monitoring

Eliminate risks from cloud exposures

Time is of the essence when there are high-risk security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the cloud. From forgotten test and development environments to user errors that make databases publicly accessible, threat actors regularly prey on complexity and poor visibility to exploit these exposures.

Informer’s automated cloud security monitoring and risk ratings help to secure your cloud architecture by identifying high-risk exposures, giving you the time to mitigate them. Use our cloud penetration testing to regularly test and strengthen security as your cloud environments evolve over time.

Informer Platform Vulnerability Discovered

Continuous cloud asset monitoring

Continuous cloud security monitoring is a critical component of cloud security. It provides an automated and efficient way to identify and map public-facing assets alongside identifying potential security vulnerabilities in cloud services.

When you consider how rapidly a developer can spin up a virtual server in the cloud, it’s clear that any map of your cloud assets can become quickly outdated. A continuous approach to cloud monitoring provides a timely perspective of your cloud attack surface while helping to identify a wider range of potential security vulnerabilities.



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