Expert penetration testing services built into the platform

Use the power of expert manual penetration testing to give you an in-depth view of your security.

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Real time vulnerability visibility

You don’t need to wait for a pen test report after the test has been completed. Informer’s penetration testers enter vulnerabilities directly into the platform as they find them giving you quicker access to vulnerabilities so that you can remediate them faster.

Informer platform Penetration Testing Vulnerability Found

Full platform experience

You get the full platform experience with an Informer penetration test. Automated reporting, alerting and integrations are all included at no extra cost. Increase your environment visibility and again full assurance by coupling pen testing with automated discovery and vulnerability scanning.

Informer Platform Integrations, Reports and Alerts

Flexible reporting

Reports are flexible and customisable and can be generated at any time during or after a penetration test. All reports detail vulnerability findings including in-depth remediation steps required to reduce your attack surface.

Informer platform Penetration Report

Results in real time

Access vulnerabilities as they are discovered


On-demand detailed and professional reports

Detailed technical information

In-depth vulnerability information

Automated alerts

Notification of important test events


Connect to Jira and other cloud services

Organise your tests

Managed penetration tests in one area