Continuous Asset Discovery and Inventory

Continuously discover the assets that make up your Internet facing attack surface and stay up to date as it evolves.

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A single source of external assets

An up-to-date asset inventory should be a foundational element of every organization’s cybersecurity program. Without an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory, you can’t effectively protect and mitigate your organization from cyber threats. Manually managing your asset inventory using spreadsheets is time-consuming, prone to human error, and not practical when challenged with a constantly evolving external attack surface.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Identify unknown assets and eliminate shadow IT risk

A comprehensive security program requires you to find and identify the full breadth of your organization’s internet-facing assets. Any unknown asset presents an easy target for attackers. An attack plan should include tools and techniques to identify and map unknown assets to add to your inventory so you can take appropriate measures to secure these assets. This approach improves cyber hygiene, security posture and helps with compliance.

Informer Platform New External Asset Found

Automate asset discovery and inventory management

Automation removes the burden of asset discovery, identifying unknown assets, and manually maintaining an accurate asset inventory. This provides security and IT teams with a centralized view of their entire external-facing attack surface. Informer’s attack surface management platform gives you a complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventory of your assets.

Informer Platform Asset Discovery Findings