Continuous Asset Discovery and Inventory

Today’s external attack surfaces change constantly. New internet-facing assets regularly emerge and organizations struggle to keep up. Automated and continuous asset discovery and inventory equips IT and security teams with improved asset visibility helping avoid gaps with an up-to-date and accurate digital asset inventory.

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Streamline asset discovery

An accurate and up-to-date asset inventory is the cornerstone of any organization’s cybersecurity program. Without it, you cannot effectively protect and mitigate your organization against cyber threats. 

Unfortunately, manually managing an asset inventory using multiple spreadsheets is a time-consuming and error-prone. Moreover, it is not practical when faced with the constantly evolving external attack surface.

Without an accurate asset inventory, an organization may have services or software that have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. For instance, a forgotten or orphaned software application or service running on a system can also be vulnerable to attack if it’s improperly maintained.

An up-to-date inventory allows organizations to monitor and manage the security posture of their assets continuously. This includes ensuring that all infrastructure and software are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates, applying the appropriate security policies, and monitoring the network for potential threats.

Our external attack surface management platform provides a comprehensive inventory of all your external assets, including domains, subdomains, and IPs. By automating asset discovery and inventory management, Informer frees up valuable time for IT and security teams and ensures that your organization’s digital asset inventory is always up to date.


Asset Discovery and Inventory

Identify known and unknown digital assets

Maintaining a comprehensive asset inventory is critical for effective security management. However, even the most thorough asset inventories can miss unknown assets that escape the attention of security teams. 

Unknown assets in the digital perimeter make it difficult to properly secure them against cyber threats. These undiscovered assets could be servers or applications that were forgotten, misconfigured, or unauthorized, and can serve as potential entry points for cyber attackers.

Attackers can exploit unknown assets to gain unauthorized access to the organization’s network, steal sensitive data, install malware, or launch attacks against the organization or its customers. For example, attackers may use unpatched vulnerabilities in forgotten servers or applications to gain access to the network or exploit weak credentials on misconfigured devices.

To address this challenge, Informer provides asset discovery tools that can identify unknown assets, reducing the significant security risks they pose. This approach not only improves cyber hygiene and security posture but also helps with compliance by ensuring that all assets are accounted for and managed appropriately.

By using Informer’s asset discovery and inventory tools, security teams can gain a more complete understanding of their external attack surface and proactively mitigate risks.

Informer Platform New External Asset Found

Automate asset discovery and inventory management

Asset discovery and inventory management are crucial components of IT and security operations. However, manual processes can be burdensome and time-consuming, taking up valuable resources and diverting attention from more important tasks.

Automated tools can discover and inventory assets in real-time far more accurately than manual processes, reducing the chances of missing or misidentifying assets. By automating the asset discovery process and maintaining an accurate inventory, security and IT teams can focus on remediation activities and improve overall security posture.

With Informer’s automated approach, security and IT teams gain a centralized view of their entire external-facing attack surface, allowing for a more proactive and effective defence strategy. By freeing up time spent on menial tasks, skilled employees can focus on strategic initiatives that add value to the organization.

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