Manually validate vulnerability scan findings for complete risk validation

By combining manual risk validation with automated vulnerability scanning, you can effectively manage common security issues and more complex exploits to reduce your risk exposure.

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Asses the real risk of discovered vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning excels at automating and scaling vulnerability discovery, and an accurate asset inventory is essential to ensure you have the coverage and accuracy required. But how do you assess the real risk of what’s discovered?

With a large and complex infrastructure composed of different servers, apps, and services, the business implications of a vulnerability can’t be fully captured by a single metric.

When combined with risk validation from expert pen testers, you get a much more precise indication of vulnerability severity. Complete risk validation focuses your mitigation efforts on vulnerabilities with the largest potential for destructive business impacts.

Risk Validation

Overcome the limitations of vulnerability scanning

Relying on vulnerability scanning alone is a risky game. Triaging and filtering out false positives can overwhelm analysts and lead to alert fatigue where genuine risks get ignored. Furthermore, some vulnerabilities can’t be identified with a scanner. Human expertise remains an irreplaceable piece in the cybersecurity puzzle.

We can help your organization overcome these limitations by putting human expertise as a core element of what we offer. Informer’s ethical hackers provide the knowledge needed to identify a broad range of vulnerabilities, including those complex ones that scanners might miss.

Informer Platform Vulnerability Found

Get deeper insights with penetration testing

Automated vulnerability scanning is an important first line of defense, but does not confirm that a vulnerability is exploitable. Full risk validation is only possible by probing your environment, going deep, and trying to exploit identified vulnerabilities.

Our combined approach conducts automated vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing in one platform with detailed findings and remediation advice. This approach helps security and IT teams save time and drive efficiencies by focusing on remediation strategies for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Informer Platform Web Application Penetration Testing