Manually validate vulnerability scan findings for complete risk validation

By combining manual risk validation with automated vulnerability scanning, you can effectively manage common security issues and more complex exploits to reduce risk.

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Asses the real risk of discovered vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning is widely used as a cost-effective way to automate scalable vulnerability discovery identifying security issues in an organization’s security program. Scanning can be utilized for patch management, hardening procedures, and the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). In order to be effective, it’s imperative to start with an accurate asset inventory to ensure you have the coverage and accuracy required to mitigate risks reducing your attack surface. With automated vulnerability scanning, you are left with a list of vulnerabilities you have to manually check. When combined with manual penetration testing, you have broader and more in-depth coverage.

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Limitations of vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability assessments solely using vulnerability scanners fall short by only identifying security issues that could be exploited and don’t go beyond reporting on vulnerabilities that are detected. It then becomes a security or IT team’s responsibility to remediate weaknesses depending on the asset’s criticality and prioritization. The next stage requires manual checks for each vulnerability before testing again to confirm mitigation has been successful. This can be a highly time-consuming process hindered by false positives.

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Manual risk validation by expert penetration testers

Automated vulnerability scanning is an important first line of defense, but does not confirm that a vulnerability is exploitable. Manual vulnerability detection techniques can help you find vulnerabilities that might be missed and combine mild security issues that have a more severe impact. We can help solve this challenge by conducting scanning and manual penetration testing in one platform with detailed findings and remediation advice. This approach helps security and IT teams save time and drive efficiencies by focusing on remediation issues not finding them.

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