Meet the Informer External Attack Surface Management platform

Cyber security has become an integral function of business operations and survival. Heavier reliance on cloudification and IoT have made hyper-connectivity a mounting concern. It is becoming increasingly challenging to get a complete picture of your evolving attack surface so security strategies must evolve to manage the ever-changing threat interface for optimum coverage. The Informer platform is the solution to this problem. You get continuous full visibility into your online environment giving you real time risk insights with the aim to speed up remediation.

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Informer Attack Surface Management Platform overview

Inside the Informer External Attack Surface Management platform

Our scalable external attack surface management software harnesses the power of automated asset discovery, vulnerability scanning and integrated penetration testing to provide business-critical security insights and efficient attack surface monitoring in a single platform.

Informer Platform Vulnerability Detected

Automated asset discovery unearths your external assets

Active scanning and hundreds of data sources are used to find online assets in seconds with just your domain as the seed. This continuous attack surface discovery process searches for your entire online environment to find assets that you were unaware of. Our cyber intelligence data is collected at the time of scanning giving you near real-time information to act upon.

Asset Discovery
Informer Platform Connect Cloud Services

Connect your AWS, Azure and GCP cloud services

Connect to your cloud environment to monitor your externally facing cloud assets including load balancers, app engines, and data stores. Informer keeps track of changing cloud environments keeping up with your development and cloud infrastructure configuration changes.



Informer Platform Assign Vulnerabilities

Continuous vulnerability insights you can act on

Stay one step ahead of attackers by continuously scanning assets for over 40,000 application and infrastructure level vulnerabilities. Using asset critically you can choose scans to run daily, weekly, or monthly with each vulnerability detected assigned a CVSS rating to determine the severity so that you can start reducing your attack surface by prioritizing remediation efforts based on real risk.

Vulnerability Discovery
Informer Platform Create Reports

Real time penetration testing integrated in the platform

Enhance your vulnerability assessment program by combining automated security and manual penetration testing in one platform. Using the cyber intelligence of your discovered assets and vulnerability you can select which assets require manual penetration testing with results delivered in real-time complete with severity ratings and remediation advice.

Penetration testing
Informer Platform Security Alerting

Be notified of environment changes that could expose your data

Receive instant notification of vulnerable assets, misconfigurations, and changes to your IT environment as soon as they are detected. Alert rules can be configured for assets and entire domains or risk triggers that include exposed open ports, high-risk vulnerabilities and assets discovered in new geolocations.

Security Insights
Informer Platform Security Retesting

Automated retesting validates your fixes

Automated regression testing validates your fixes for vulnerabilities found by our scanners and our penetration testers. Automated retesting can be continuous or on-demand giving you flexibility to remediate and check its effectiveness to fit in with your release cycles.

Frequently asked questions about Attack Surface Management

Understanding your complete external attack surface is the first step to reducing your cyber risk.

What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack surface management is the continuous discovery, inventory, prioritization, classification, and security monitoring of an organization’s IT ecosystem– the external digital assets that transmit, contain, or process sensitive data.

What is an External Attack Surface Management?

External attack surface management (EASM) is a cybersecurity discipline that identifies and manages the risks presented by internet-facing assets. EASM refers to the processes and technologies necessary to identify these external-facing systems, as well as control their vulnerabilities.

Why is Attack Surface Management Important?

Attack surface management is crucial for the prevention and mitigation of risks stemming from legacy, IoT, and shadow IT assets. It also works to prevent human mistakes or omissions such as phishing or data leaks.

What is the Attack Surface of a network?

The network attack surface is the entire area of your organization or system that consists of all vulnerable hardware and software which may easily be exploited on network devices by an unauthenticated user.

What is Attack Surface Mapping?

Attack surface mapping is an analysis phase that maps all the internet-facing vulnerabilities that an attacker could take advantage of.