Find and Fix Security Vulnerabilities in Your Attack Surface in Real Time

Your digital assets are constantly exposed to cyberattacks that can compromise your data, reputation, and revenue. To protect your IT environment, you need to identify and prioritize the most dangerous vulnerabilities in your attack surface. With vulnerability discovery, you can scan your digital assets in real time and get a comprehensive report of all the security issues. You can also see which vulnerabilities are the most urgent and how to fix them quickly and effectively.

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Vulnerability Discovery Helps You Secure Your Entire Attack Surface

Our vulnerability discovery module scans your entire external attack surface for vulnerabilities and exposures across applications, infrastructure and cloud environments. It helps you identify, prioritize, and remediate your assets’ most critical and exploitable weaknesses. It also alerts you when new threats are identified and provide actionable recommendations and guidance. Vulnerability discovery is part of a comprehensive attack surface management program that gives you an attacker’s view of your external and internal exposure.

Vulnerability Discovery Scanning

Secure your Organization with Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Our risk-based vulnerability management approach helps you discover and assess the vulnerabilities that pose a threat to your organization’s attack surface. By leveraging in-depth application and infrastructure scanning, we help you sort and prioritize the vulnerabilities based on their severity and impact, and give you the best practices and tools to fix them efficiently and effectively. Our EASM solution enables you to keep track of your security posture and take preventive actions to defend against cyberattacks.

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Instant Access to Vulnerability Remediation Guidance

We provide comprehensive and in-depth information that will enable you to remediate the security risks detected in your attack surface. We not only identify the type and severity of the vulnerability, but also provide you with evidence, technical guidance and references that support our findings. By understanding your  vulnerabilities and how to fix them, you will be able to enhance your security posture and minimize the chances of being compromised by malicious actors.

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Covers the most common application vulnerabilities

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Zero day vulnerabilities

Finds vulnerabilities that are not published

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Identifies security configuration issues

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Discovers unintended services

Finds services that should not be internet-facing

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Exposed administrative services

Finds administrative services that should not be internet-facing

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Complete coverage of a wide range of infrastructure technologies