Vulnerability discovery identifies and prioritizes security issues in real time.

By prioritizing vulnerabilities in real-time, you will know which vulnerabilities are the most important to address. You will be able to focus your vulnerability management program on the risks that pose the greatest threats.

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Full stack vulnerability discovery scanning

Stay ahead of attackers by automatically scanning your internet-facing assets to reduce vulnerabilities across your attack surface. Automated vulnerability discovery techniques continuously find infrastructure and application-level security weaknesses as part of your dynamic vulnerability assessment program.

Vulnerability Discovery Scanning

Prioritize vulnerability management

Gain visibility into your vulnerabilities and understand the risk to your organization. Our risk-based vulnerability management approach will help you prioritize and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities in your environment, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive and accurate view of your security posture.

Informer platform Vulnerability Found

Deliver essential security insights

We provide all the information you need to remediate the security risks identified, including extensive details of the vulnerability, technical evidence, screenshots, video (coming soon), and references. Knowing where your weaknesses are and what you can do to mitigate them will help you reduce your attack surface and improve your security posture.

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Covers the most common application vulnerabilities

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Zero day vulnerabilities

Finds vulnerabilities that are not published

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Identifies security configuration issues

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Discovers unintended services

Finds services that should not be internet-facing

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Exposed administrative services

Finds administrative services that should not be internet-facing

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Complete coverage of a wide range of infrastructure technologies