Attack surface reduction

With a full understanding of your internet-facing assets, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your external attack surface.

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Continuously discover and map your external attack surface

The first step in reducing your external attack surface is defining and mapping all your internet-facing assets. It’s imperative to ensure the mapping process discovers and identifies all known and unknown assets. Without a complete understanding of your IT environment, you can’t mitigate security threats. Attack surface discovery and analysis should be continuous to help you identify any immediate and future risks.

Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Asset Discovery

Monitor exposures and attack vectors in real-time

Your external attack surface is constantly changing requiring continuous monitoring to identify changes and new attack vectors that could have been introduced. Unlike a periodic penetration test, attack surface analysis will provide you with a prioritized list of exposures and attack vectors for your security team to remediate. You can fix vulnerabilities, safeguard against threats, and improve your security posture. 

Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Risk Ratings

Mitigate against targeted cyberattacks

To reduce the attack surface, organizations must regularly scan and assess vulnerabilities, secure weak points, and monitor changes. Alongside this implementing additional protocols will further strengthen defenses. These can include; Zero-trust policies, segmenting networks, strong user access, and authentication policies, and security training for employees. By adopting these steps and combined with using Informer you can reduce your attack surface safeguarding your valuable data.



Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Insights