Attack surface reduction

With a smaller attack surface, malicious actors have fewer potential points of entry to target with their cyber-attacks. Reducing your attack surface also simplifies protection by focusing security measures on a smaller number of attack vectors.

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Continuously discover and map your external attack surface

The first step in attack surface reduction is identifying and mapping all your internet-facing assets. Comprehensive insight into your internet-facing assets provides an essential foundation for reducing your external attack surface.

Without continuous visibility and understanding, you can’t mitigate security threats. Our platform goes beyond ad hoc asset discovery to constantly and systematically survey your organization’s attack surface.

Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Asset Discovery

Monitor exposures and attack vectors in real-time

Your external attack surface is constantly changing requiring continuous monitoring to identify changes and new attack vectors that could have been introduced.

Unlike a periodic penetration test, dynamic attack surface analysis goes beyond just identifying exposed assets at a single point in time. Informer provides you with a prioritized list of exposures and attack vectors for your security team to remediate.

This list is based on a real-time perspective of how your environment looks from a potential attackers perspective. You can fix vulnerabilities, safeguard against threats, and reduce your attack surface.

Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Risk Ratings

Mitigate against targeted cyberattacks

Cybercriminals deploy a wide arsenal of tools to get deep insight into your attack surface and identify any weak points. By identifying vulnerabilities and monitoring for other changes such as misconfigurations, Informer equips your security teams with the insights needed to swiftly mitigate against targeted cyberattacks.

Our vulnerability insights enable you to remove vulnerable assets, secure weak points, or take other necessary steps to reduce your attack surface proactively before attackers exploit weaknesses.



Informer Platform Attack Surface Reduction Insights