Enhance your External Attack Surface Management program with cloud visibility

Integrate External Attack Surface Management with your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform services. Use automation to send vulnerability insights to your security operations workflows using Jira.

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Monitor cloud assets for security issues

Connect your AWS,  Azure and GCP, cloud services seamlessly. Regularly refresh your asset inventory, to provide up-to-date records of all your cloud-based data. Choose a scan frequency to identify and detect security issues with actionable remediation advice for security teams to remediate.

Informer Platform Cloud Integrations

Integrate vulnerabilities with issue and project tracking software

Seamlessly integrate with major SaaS platforms such as Jira to streamline and enhance workflows. Your security and development teams can continue to use the tools they are familiar with, without having to log into Informer to check for the latest vulnerabilities.

Informer Platform Jira Integration Flow

Integrations are quick and easy to set up

Setting up and configuring your chosen integrations is quick and easy directly in the platform. Your assets are protected by the service providers’ native authentication flows for greater security. You can disconnect and add new integrations at any time and the data used will be preserved on our platform.

Informer Platform Integrations Settings