March 2022 Informer Platform Updates

Informer Platform Update

Last Updated on 7 June 2023 by Alastair Digby

Welcome to our March External Attack Surface Management & Penetration Testing platform update.

This month we’ve added some new features focused on helping manage vulnerabilities more effectively both in the platform and externally. Firstly we included a new Mute Vulnerabilities function enabling you to chose to hide specific vulnerabilities you no longer want to view in the environment tables or reports. To help provide the most accurate and up-to-date application vulnerabilities we’ve Expanded Web Application Scanning capabilities. Lastly, you can now generate a CSV Test Export to more easily access and utilize raw data included in reports.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the new features.

New Feature: Mute Vulnerabilities

We’ve added muting functionality so you can now stop a chosen vulnerability from showing up in the environment table or appearing in reports. If you accidentally mute an important vulnerability there is also have an unmute button.

Once a vulnerability is muted it will never reappear on the environment page unless it’s been unmuted.

Expanded Web Application Scanning

We have expanded and improved our Web Application Scanner setup. Some existing Web Application vulnerabilities will be retired and no longer created as they have been replaced by more accurate and up-to-date versions. Existing vulnerabilities will remain in place. If you have any questions regarding the new vulnerabilities please contact us at

New Feature: CSV Test Export

You can now generate and export a CSV file containing all of the data we would typically display in our reports. This functionality has been added so you can use the raw data yourself. To create a CSV file, click on the desired report and click the CSV report button on the sidebar.