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Happy fisherman | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Are Phishing Assessments Worth The Money?

Phishing simulations is a tool we highly recommend for identifying weaknesses. But what's involved and is it worth it?

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Bitcoin payment via ranswomware

Understanding Ransomware Attacks

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Stressed out from making a mistake

7 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Floppy disk with customer data

GDPR and Data Retention Advice for Financial Services

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Are your employees a security risk to your business? | 24/7 vulnerability scanner

Are Your Employees a Security Risk?

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A helping hand | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Collaboration For Effective Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing
Speeding lights

Make Smarter Vulnerability Management Decisions

Penetration Testing
We are now Informer

We Are Now Informer – A SaaS Security Management Solution

Its been a busy start to 2020. Behind the scenes, weve been enhancing our SaaS platform, rebuilding our website and rebranding to Informer.

Working remotely from home | Informer. Vulnerability scanner

Top 7 Expert Security Tips For Remote Working During Covid-19

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Tom Ricca-McCarthy

Lucidity’s Perspective On SaaS Security

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SaaS Security Interview Jim Turner

Customer Thermometer’s Perspective On SaaS Security

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The Monzo PIN Flaw: An Interview with

Ethical hacker meetup

Our First Ethical Hacker Meetup