Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cyber Security

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Cyber Security

Last Updated on 8 June 2023 by admin

Today, most organizations today rely heavily on digital infrastructure in order to operate. Yet, an ever-increasing digital footprint means an ever-evolving threat landscape, so it is fundamental to ensure that you implement and enforce up-to-date cyber security.

Security is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. An active cyber security strategy provides not only the obvious benefit of defence against increasing threats – but protecting your digital ecosystem – it also provides a very appealing, important, and beneficial competitive advantage.

Data Breaches: A wakeup call for cyber security

The constantly expanding attack surface unavoidably provides more opportunities for malicious attackers to access your digital environment. Exposed assets (those both known and unknown to you) work as attack vectors, unintentionally acting as a gateway into privileged systems. If such vulnerabilities are not identified and tended to, the effects can be detrimental to an organization – financially and reputationally.

Cyber attacks are more frequently making front-page news and only serve to underline how vulnerable we are to a dynamic attack surface and an uptick in malicious attacks. In fact, over 20 billion records were exposed via data breaches in 2020, and businesses both large and small were targeted, from industry to industry.

In turn, trust is becoming harder to build and sustain in both B2B and B2C relationships. Therefore, proving you have the capacity and desire to prioritize data protection will help establish confidence with your customer base to secure your organization’s longevity and prosperity.

Cyber Security and Compliance

In light of new and changing security standards, promoting your company’s focus on security is vital. Making cyber security a central boardroom decision is an investment in an organization’s future. Proactive cyber security practices show that you are on the ball and prepared to confront and remediate any related issues appropriately. This will inevitably reinforce a sense of credence, proving that you maintain an ethical approach to data management.

Methods such as continuous security monitoring (CSM) equip business leaders and IT professionals to develop robust security practices using real-time and data-driven insights. So, CSM is increasingly opted for in the boardroom, and it also offers the insurance of compliance with data regulations that are increasingly mandating its implementation (such as the New York Shield Act). Such a level of surveillance and visibility is especially valuable for organizations today in light of the increased reliance on devices and the transmission of data. Cyber security is not just about meeting industry standards anymore, regulations are toughening and organizations must react.

Attack Surface Management: A modern approach to cyber security

Forward-thinking to deal with ascending risk, and attack surface management (ASM) is becoming an attractive solution, as a type of continuous security mapping. At a time when security breaches are becoming a norm, 24/7 monitoring is an increasingly favored approach to risk management due to its proactive nature.

ASM is a process that continuously analyses your threat landscape (known as the attack surface) to provide real-time visibility and immediately alert you of any changes to your digital environment, allowing for quicker remediation of risks. Specifically, the ‘continuous design of this approach enables organizations to more efficiently identify, track, and protect their digital assets around the clock.

The rapid digital growth we face can be overwhelming, so equipping your organization with the right risk-based approach offers an array of benefits.

How Informer can help

We firmly believe that security strategies must evolve to keep up with the ever-changing threat interface to provide optimum coverage – sustainable adaption to the modern threat is key for business survival.

Our state-of-the-art SaaS solution offers the prospect of viewing your evolving attack surface to understand your online health, empowering you to make more informed business decisions.

Achieving effective, efficient, and affordable cyber security is a universal concern for businesses across the board. Leverage your cyber security practices as an investment in your business. Book a demo today.