We Are Now Informer – A SaaS Security Management Solution

We are now Informer

Last Updated on 8 June 2023 by admin

It has been a busy start to 2020. Behind the scenes, we have been enhancing our SaaS security management platform, rebuilding our website, and rebranding to Informer.

Since 2014, The Security Bureau has helped our customers identify vulnerabilities in their systems and applications with our penetration testing services.

As the security landscape has changed, were now taking a SaaS-led approach to security. We’re doing this to:

  1. Help drive efficiencies
  2. Reduce risk
  3. Speed up remediation processes

The latest version of Informer sees a range of new features. Providing our customers with the added assurance that their environments are monitored 24/7 and delivering the intelligence they need to stay secure.

Having worked in penetration testing for 15 years, I knew that the current approach to penetration testing should change. The security testing industry needs to adapt to the exponential increase in cloud and SaaS services.

I strongly believe the use of SaaS is the future of security testing and managing vulnerabilities more effectively.

By combining our SaaS and penetration testing services into a single platform, we are now adopting Informer as our brand to reflect our new and innovative approach to security testing.

Marios Kyriacou, Founder and CEO.

What’s coming next

Informer as a platform will continue to evolve with new features comings soon including:

On-demand penetration testing

Working alongside Informer is our expert penetration testers; they identify vulnerabilities that machines cant find. Such as opportunities to defraud and privilege escalation opportunities. Our unique mix of human and machine intelligence gives full assurance that your risk is covered.

Giving customers control over when and how to conduct testing

A major pain point with security testing is booking a penetration test. We remove that pain away with our on-demand testing, but we also take it one step further.

We give you control of your penetration test with our integrated booking system. And we’ll give you accurate costs based on your needs.

Ambitious roadmap with proactive cyber security

Our goal with Informer is to have a world where security unknowns are eliminated. This can only be achieved through proactive measures and staying one step ahead of the game.

We will do this by building a tool that fits our customers’ needs, as precisely as possible. Your feedback and demands will drive Informer’s development.