Remote Internal Penetration Testing

NEW: Remote internal penetration testing from Informer

Covid-19 has affected us all with significant new challenges each day. One of which is the ability to perform onsite penetration tests.

A new approach to onsite penetration tests was needed and through adversity, innovation was born. To answer the internal penetration test challenge, we’ve launched remote internal penetration testing.

What’s the difference between a remote internal penetration test and an onsite internal penetration test?

The simple answer is not that much. The only difference is that your penetration test is now delivered through an easy to deploy and fully secure virtual machine.

What are the benefits of a remote internal penetration test?

The benefits of a remote internal test are pretty much identical to one of our specialist penetration testers visiting your actual location. The test will:

  1. Identify the vulnerabilities within your network
  2. Assess your vulnerabilities
  3. Produce a detailed report and next-step guidance

Will this involve a lot of work to set up?

No. It’s a 10-minute process at most. You download a securely configured virtual machine that has been built specifically for you and then follows a short guide.

What extra hardware is needed?

Nothing at all. The beauty of the remote setup is that no special hardware is required and the remote internal penetration test can run on a standard workstation.

Does this mean Informer has control of my network?

Definitely not. You have full control, can power off at any time and we only have access to your network when your machine is live.

Where is my data held during the test and how secure is it?

Your data will sit on the virtual machine. No data is taken from your network.

What if I need to talk to someone, is a penetration testing specialist on hand?

Our penetration testers are always easily contactable through email, Slack, or on the phone. Well promptly answer any questions you have.

Is this just a solution during the COVID-19 crisis?

Beyond dealing with Covid-19 and social distancing, remote internal penetration testing makes sense as a business-as-usual task. It provides you with several benefits, including:

  • We can work with you wherever you are – helping save the planet by removing the need for travel
  • You won’t need to pay our expenses – travel, overnight stay, etc
  • It opens up a whole new world of flexibility around scheduling tests

With our remote internal penetration testing, you’re taking away the pain of not being able to keep your internal infrastructure secure. The coronavirus problem may be causing your business to adjust, but it shouldn’t stop you from having a secure internal network.

If you’d like to know more get in touch today, we’d love to talk to you.