Informer's external attack surface management (EASM) platform helps organizations discover, monitor, and protect their digital assets in real-time.

Find out more about how Informer's external attack management (EASM) platform gives you a complete picture of your digital perimeter. Using continuous asset discovery map your external attack surface, be notified of vulnerabilities and receive remediation guidance to improve your security posture.

Continuous external asset discovery

Find your external attack surface with Informer’s automated digital footprint detection and 24/7 monitoring.

  • Identifies online environment changes you aren’t aware of
  • Detects security issues with sensitive data
  • Understands compliance and security regulations
  • Provides rapid asset discovery for efficient tracking
External Asset Discovery
Informer Platform External Asset Discovery

Vulnerability discovery

Access granular vulnerability insights for your web applications and infrastructure, including expert remediation advice.

  • Newly discovered vulnerabilities are found in real-time and are added daily
  • Automation continuously finds and assesses infrastructure and application-level vulnerabilities on assets that are both known and unknown to you
  • Intelligent vulnerability-scoring helps you understand your true attack surface and overall security posture
  • Expert penetration testers’ expertise provides a human approach that machines alone cannot match
Vulnerability Discovery
Informer platform Penetration Testing Vulnerability Found

Integrated manual penetration testing services

Manual penetration testing services delivered directly in our SaaS platform provides instant access to your vulnerability findings for faster and more efficient remediation.

View your pen test results in real-time instead of waiting for reports to be written and reviewed

  • Add members of your security assessment team
  • Integrate with Jira to include vulnerabilities in your developed backlog
  • Comprehensive remediation guidance outlines each vulnerability including CVSS scores
  • Generate your own reports at any point during your test
  • Automated retesting at the click of a button for assurance your remediations have been successfully implemented.
Penetration Testing
Informer platform Penetration Testing XSS Vulnerability

Integrations to accelerate workflows

Connect Informer to your cloud services and workflow tools to give IT and security teams access to the information they need to fix security issues faster and more efficiently.

  • Integrate with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Send vulnerabilities directly to Jira projects to help speed up remediation


Informer platform Penetration Testing Integrations

Actionable security insights

Visualize your external attack surface using dashboards to view your assets and vulnerabilities in real-time. Access and schedule custom reports and security notifications to reduce risk and improve your security posture.

  • Access clearly presented insights and security data
  • View your live environment to discover new assets and vulnerabilities¬†
  • Create real-time alerts based on your specific criteria¬†
  • Track your progress against remediating¬†
  • Build custom reports for all your assets or identified vulnerabilities
Informer EASM platform attack surface dashboards