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We're joining the Bugcrowd team! Learn about this strategic expansion, bringing best-of-breed asset discovery and monitoring to the Bugcrowd Platform.

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Automated external attack surface discovery

Our asset discovery engine automatically identifies your known and unknown internet-facing assets and cloud environments in minutes. This provides security and IT teams with an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory of domains, subdomains, and IP addresses for complete attack surface visibility. As the digital perimeter of enterprises continues to expand in size and complexity, automating the asset discovery and inventory process will supercharge your ongoing attack surface analysis.

External Asset Discovery

Continuously monitor your external attack surface

Gain a deeper understanding of your external attack surface, where the biggest security risks are, and how you can mitigate attack vectors to protect your assets from cybersecurity threats. Over 40,000 security checks are performed on each asset, including scans for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at the infrastructure and application level. Prioritizing vulnerabilities in real-time helps you to improve the security posture of your external attack surface continuously.

Vulnerability Discovery

Manual risk validation with integrated penetration testing

Add manual pen testing as well as automated security testing to your vulnerability management program to focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest security risks. Our pen test team attempts to compromise your IT environment’s security controls with the same tools and methods used by malicious attackers. Your pen test results are presented in a single place thanks to integration with the attack surface management platform.

Penetration Testing

Accelerate vulnerability remediation by connecting your workflows

After each scan or pen test, you can simplify and accelerate your remediation process by connecting your workflows. You can assign vulnerabilities to IT and development teams with all the details they require to remediate each vulnerability. Each ticket we generate automatically comes with detailed vulnerability findings that includes evidence, a severity rating, and thorough remediation advice.


Instantly retest remediated vulnerabilities

Once your security teams have remediated vulnerabilities you can retest to validate fixes for added assurance. Our intelligent scanning engines and custom-written regression scripts for pen test findings make it simple and easy to track and monitor resolved security flaws by instantly retesting each vulnerability detected. All vulnerabilities from pen testing and automated scanning are stored centrally in our external attack surface management platform.

Automated Retesting

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Asset Discovery and Inventory

Continuous discovery of your internet-facing assets

Keep track of the internet-facing assets that make up your external attack surface with an accurate asset inventory.

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Cloud Asset Monitoring

See all your public assets across AWS, Azure & GCP

Monitor your cloud accounts in real-time and receive alerts for any configuration errors or potential security risks

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Attack Surface Reduction

Manage and reduce your external attack surface

Identify vulnerabilities and security risks hiding within digital assets as your attack surface expands.

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Risk Validation

Cyber Security Testing and Validation

Identify, analyze, and evaluate the risks affecting your organization's assets with a manual security assessment

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